Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stesen Keretapi Taiping

This is one of the earliest train station in Tanah Melayu. After the British had successfully quelled the feuds for the control of tin mines in Larut, a new town was built to facilitate the local British government. The town was called Taiping. For the export of tin to Penang, the loads of tin were carried by elephants to Port Weld. These trips by elephants would usually took 2- 3 days between Taiping to Port Weld( no proper roads,just jungle path). To improve these transport situation, a rail line was built,which was completed by 1885. With trains, more tin could be carried and the travel time was shortened to a few hours( early locomotives top speed then was 25-30 miles per hour). The original site of the Taiping rail station was situated at which is now the King Edward VII Primary School. The Taiping station was later re-located when the railway line was extended to Ipoh and Butterworth in the 1890's or early 1900's. This station still stands until today. As road transport improved and tin mining around Taiping diminished ,the rail service between Taiping-Port Weld was closed. The tracks remained until they were removed in the mid 1980's. A sad loss for Taiping's heritage. The Port Weld Railway Station now has become a Chinese shop. The platforms has converted to roads by time. Only the small board that says 'PORT WELD' still remains. It is the only railway station sign board in Malaysia that has four languages, English, Jawi (Malay), Chinese and Tamil written on it. It is taken care by the Chinese shop keeper. It seems a lot of money was spent to maintain it (just the board).
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Friday, July 31, 2009

Muzium Taiping: The History Within Perak

The objective behind the setting up of the museum is to establish a repository of the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia. The Muzium Perak (Perak Museum) is the oldest museum in the Peninsula. The building was completed in 1886, and subsequent additions were made in 1900. In the early days, the pioneers of museum work in what was then Malaya gave greater emphasis to the natural sciences, especially flora and fauna that had economic significance. It was only much later that the museum began to document the material culture and the life of the peoples of Malaysia.
There are three collections - anthropology, zoology and local history - with a total of over 3,000 artifacts. The anthropological collections include different types of weapons, implements of husbandry, ornaments, dresses, household articles for daily use, musical instruments, symbols and requisites of religions, marriage and death ceremonies collected since the opening of the museum.
There are four galleries. Exhibits are mostly displayed in showcases. Photographs and charts are also utilised. Temporary exhibitions on various subjects are held periodically.
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Burmese Pool: The Popular Waterfall of Taiping

Many people visit this waterfall during the weekend. The water is so cold that usually I can stand around 30 minutes only.. Brrr... Burmese Pool is located just near Taman Sentosa, a housing area up the hill. It is the most famous waterfalls among few waterfalls in Taiping. The pools got it waters from the streams from the Bukit Larut hills.
Here is one of the video clip on the Burmese Pool.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Zoo Taiping: The Natural Habitat of Animal Kingdom

Taiping Zoo is special in its own way. It is located in a lovely natural setting in Taiping Lake Gardens close to the foot of the Larut Hill (Maxwell Hill). The beautiful natural setting with streams, lakes and abundance of flora gives the zoo a unique advantage of being able to use nature to its best.

'Taman Mergastua Sultan Idris Shah' or the Taiping Zoo, which is located at the Lake Gardens in Taiping, is the only Zoo in the North of Peninsular Malaysia. Covering an area of 34 acres, the Taiping Zoo has embarked on an expansion programme which includes the building of new "Open Concept" animal enclosures. These enclosures which take into consideration the natural habitat of the respective animal, has been favourably received by the public-both for its inherent beauty and thoughtful design.

Taiping Zoo is currently home to more than 180 species of animals totalling - 1,300 individuals. These include Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Hippopotamus, Giraffes, Hornbills, Orang Utans and others. Furthermore, attempts to breed these animals have been very successful. This has seen the proliferation of such animals like the Malaysian Tiger, Lion, Siamang, Deer, Nilgai, Night Heron and many others.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bukit Larut Taiping: The Cool & Breezely Hill

Bukit Larut is Malaysia's oldest hill station and founded in 1884. It's located just ten kilometres from quiet Taiping in Perak. Formerly it was called Maxwell Hill. Bukit Larut is approximately 1250m above sea level.It is located in the wettest part of the country, this hill station experiences the highest rainfall in the country. William Edward Maxwell (1846 -1897), after whom Maxwell Hill is named was a British Assistant Resident in Perak.

Bukit Larut is not nearly as developed as more celebrated hill resorts such as the Cameron or Genting Highlands. However, it preserves much more of the atmosphere of a colonial hill station, with modest, welcoming bungalows, carefully cultivated gardens, and a pervasive atmosphere of cool quietude.Reaching the top of the hill requires a four-wheel drive jeep. Since private vehicles are not allowed entry, the resort authority caters to this service.A land rover is available at the foot of the hill. It leaves every hour from 7am to 6pm. A 30 minute drive up the steep hairpin bends will bring you to the top. The narrow winding road was reportedly built shortly after World War II and was completed in 1948.

There are a few bungalows and a rest house available up the hill for renting... it costs around RM 38 for a room to about RM 400 for a bungalow per night. The hill resort is a marvellous place for those who treasure silence and peace, and those that like to seek a sanctuary above the clouds.

Bukit Larut is one of the vacation spot in Taiping. The hill is cool and got breezely wind up there.
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