Friday, July 31, 2009

Muzium Taiping: The History Within Perak

The objective behind the setting up of the museum is to establish a repository of the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia. The Muzium Perak (Perak Museum) is the oldest museum in the Peninsula. The building was completed in 1886, and subsequent additions were made in 1900. In the early days, the pioneers of museum work in what was then Malaya gave greater emphasis to the natural sciences, especially flora and fauna that had economic significance. It was only much later that the museum began to document the material culture and the life of the peoples of Malaysia.
There are three collections - anthropology, zoology and local history - with a total of over 3,000 artifacts. The anthropological collections include different types of weapons, implements of husbandry, ornaments, dresses, household articles for daily use, musical instruments, symbols and requisites of religions, marriage and death ceremonies collected since the opening of the museum.
There are four galleries. Exhibits are mostly displayed in showcases. Photographs and charts are also utilised. Temporary exhibitions on various subjects are held periodically.
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