Sunday, July 5, 2009

Taman Tasik Taiping: A Beautiful Scenery & Peaceful Lake

Taman Tasik Taiping is a very peaceful and has a beautiful scenery. Visitors to this part of Perak will be glad to note that what was once a tin mine has now been turned to a beautiful park. As one of the many firsts in Taiping, the Taiping Lake Garden has been operational since 1880. It was built on an old mining land and today plays host to a variety of plants, flowers, trees, birds and a dazzling variety of insects. The old mining pool has become the crown jewel - the lake.
These 64 hectares of exuberant green turf, trees and plants portray the good sense of environmental rehabilitation and preservation. The clean and well-maintained Lake Garden encompasses a lake, a recreational park and a Japanese garden. Together with the nearby golf course and zoo, this whole area forms the green lung of Taiping.

The lake garden is the perfect place to escape from the petrol fumes and stress of city living, a haven to rejuvenate the spirits. The people of Taiping are very lucky for they have an ideal location for an evening stroll under the cool and shady trees. Mother Nature could not have provided better.

To get to Taiping from the North-South Expressway (PLUS), exit at Changkat Jering Interchange and take the Simpang route before turning right towards Taiping. The Taiping Lake Garden is easily accessible through Jalan Istana and Jalan Kelab Baru.

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